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Preventive Notices: Do's & Don'ts.

by Isabel Alcántara, Esq.

This article points to an example of the use of a preventive notice, directed at Interpol.

Read the article here:

Read the Preventive Notice here:

In reading the preventive notice that is referenced in the article, you will find that the notice:

1. makes a broad statement that the subjects' human rights are being violated; and,

2. requests the removal of any red notice that may have been issued against several subjects.

Although the author of the preventive notice states "[w]e are all fairly public persons, with extensive reporting on us, and the political nature of the persecution of us is abundantly clear, with plentiful evidence," preventive notices are more effective when they point to facts and violations.

No matter the level of a person's fame, a preventive notice, or a request for the removal of a red notice, should not make one sweeping statement that human rights have been violated and that evidence is abundant. Why rely on the assumption that the Commission for the Control of Interpol's Files will search for the evidence in the headlines themselves. There is too much at stake. Point to the facts even if the events in question made global news platforms.

Finally, point to the facts that demonstrate a violation of human rights, Interpol's rules, etc., against each person individually. Do not create one letter that requests a red notice removal for several individuals, unless the request points to violations relative to each individual specifically.

Contact Alcantara Law to determine whether a preventive notice would be an effective tool under the circumstances you are experiencing.

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